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Simon Deichsel

The Usefulness of Truth

An Enquiriy Concerning Economic Modelling
 2012, 239 S., kart.
 ISBN: 978-3-89785-754-4
 EUR 38,00

Deichsel attempts to justify a normative role for methodology by sketching a pragmatic way out of the dichotomy between two major strands in economic methodology: empiricism and postmodernism. It is important to understand that this book is about methodology and this means that it does not add another recipe with prescriptions as to how economics needs to change in order to become a »better« or »proper« science. Instead, several methodological approaches are discussed and assessed concerning their aptness for theory appraisal in economics. The book starts with presenting the most common views on methodology (i.e. empiricism and postmodernism) and provides reasons why they are each ill-suited for giving methodological prescriptions to economics. Finally, a pragmatic approach that can do this is sketched out.
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Simon Deichsel

studied philosophy and economics in Bayreuth and Bologna since 2001. In 2006, he obtained the...


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