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Albert Newen (Hrsg.)Raphael van Riel (Hrsg.)

Identity, Language, and Mind

An Introduction to the Philosophy of John Perry
In Kooperation mit CSLI Publications Stanford, CA
 2012, 161 S., kart.
 ISBN: 978-3-89785-791-9
 EUR 20,80

The essays in this volume introduce John Perry’s distinguished work on subject as diverse as indexicality, semantics, personal identity, self-knowledge, and concsiousness. Perry’s great body of work centers around the question: What is constitutive for having and expressing a thought about oneself and how can self-conscious beliefs be part of a world that is basically physical in nature? Identity, Language, and Mind is not only an introduction to the work of John Perry, but also to questions at the core of analytic philosophy for almost half a century, and that still dominates the debate at the forefront of the philosophical enterprise.

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Die Herausgeber/innen

Albert Newen

geb. 1964, studierte Philosophie, Psychologie und Geschichte in Freiburg und Bielefeld....

Raphael van Riel

ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter und Leiter der durch die Volkswagenstiftung im Rahmen...