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Saskia K. Nagel

Ethics and the Neurosciences

Ethical and social consequences of
neuroscientific progress
 2010, 416 S., kart.
 ISBN: 978-3-89785-710-0
 EUR 42,00

Advances in the neurosciences entail serious ethical and social implications which demand careful scrutiny from an interdisciplinary perspective. The present book provides readers of different backgrounds with an insight into applied ethics and into progress in the neurosciences and the broad consequences in the brave new world that rises around us. The scientific state-of-the-art is discussed with respect to its implications both for the individual and for the society at large. Contemporary methods of brain monitoring are explained, and ramifications of applications are investigated. The wide field of brain manipulation is analysed, with a focus on psychopharmacological enhancement. The discussion includes an analysis of our capacity to cope with the plethora of unprecedented possibilities, a summary of the safety issues, a look at the role of social pressures, of equality of opportunity and distributive justice, and a dissection of the concepts of normality, authenticity, and naturalness. The book highlights challenges for the individual, for politics, for the judicial system, as well as for the broader society. Reductionism is consciously avoided in this approach. The promises and perils of neuroscientific progress are embraced. The book charts a course between the overly sceptical and the overly enthusiastic, offering a comprehensive analysis of the scientific and ethical issues.
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Saskia K. Nagel

geb. 1980, Studium Cognitive Science und Philosophie in Osnabrück und Rutgers (NJ, USA);...


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