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Uwe Meixner (Hrsg.)Albert Newen (Hrsg.)

David Hume: Epistemology and Metaphysics

Special Issue
Reihe: Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy
 2010, 173 S., kart.
 ISBN: 978-3-89785-162-7
 EUR 44,00
 Abo: EUR 40,00

Guest Editors | Gastherausgeber:

Helen Beebee | Markus Schrenk


The articles in this volume all concern, in one way or another, Hume’s epistemology and metaphysics. There are discussions of our knowledge of causal powers, the extent to which conceivability is a guide to modality, and testimony; there are also discussions of our ideas of space and time, the role in Hume’s thought of the psychological mechanism of ‘completing the union’, the role of impressions, and Hume’s argument against the claim that our perceptions are ‘locally conjoined’ with any entity (namely, a soul).


The authors:

Brian Ball, Helen Beebee, Angela M. Coventry, Aisling Crean, Daniel Dohrn, Kristina Engelhard, Axel Gelfert, Angela Matthies, Harold W. Noonan, Sara L. Uckelman | Spencer Johnston, Hartmut von Sass, Anik Waldow, Ruth Weintraub

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Die Herausgeber/innen

Uwe Meixner

Prof. Dr. phil., geb. 1956, Studium der Philosophie und Anglistik in Regensburg, Promotion...

Albert Newen

geb. 1964, studierte Philosophie, Psychologie und Geschichte in Freiburg und Bielefeld....


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