Analytic Philosophy Meets History of Philosophy


The thematic focus of this volume concerns a fruitful discussion between Analytic Philosophy and Classical German Philosophy focusing on ideas of Kant and Hegel and its relation to modern systematic philosophy. While the focus articles were handled by the guest editors, the additional articles were managed by the General editors. Among the latter articles, which were accepted on the basis of the regular call, there are discussions of the work of Parmenides, Plato and Thomas Aquinas. The Authors: Marcos G. Breuer, Paul Clavier, Jacopo Domenicucci, Jasper Doomen, Arthur Kok, Franz von Kutschera, Albert Newen, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Manish Oza, Peter Rohs, Birgit Sandkaulen, Federico Sanguinetti, Richard Schantz, Tobias Schlicht, Benjamin Schnieder, Oliver R. Scholz, Ludwig Siep, Achim Stephan, Pirmin Stekeler-Weithofer, Patrick Toner

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