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History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis (HPLA) holds that the goal of systematic philosophy of uncovering and substantiating philosophical truths should also be a central tenet when investigating the history of philosophy, especially considering that historical texts were written with this goal in mind, i.e., out of an interest in truth. For this reason we should read these texts as potential conveyors of truths, and if — despite benevolent interpretation — this proves to be unfeasible, then as conveyors of falsehoods. Only in this manner can a lively dialogue with our philosophical past be initiated, and only thus can we properly pay tribute to it. On the whole, this approach promises to shed new light on classical texts, making them even more fruitful in dealing with the controversial issues of modern philosophy.
HPLA provides a forum for articles in which texts from the history of philosophy are approached with the aim of offering a systematic reconstruction of theories concerning pertinent philosophical problems (often deploying the resources of modern logical analysis in the course of reconstruction). Discovered theories or fragments of such theories can be carefully elucidated and developed further. In this way, novel questions can be put to an historical author, and profitably pursued within the framework of the established system.
The works of the history of philosophy should not only be honoured as historical documents, but first and foremost be taken seriously from a philosophical point of view.
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Wissenschaft, Kultur, Religion
Die Zeitschrift für medizinische Ethik hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Grundfragen und die aktuellen Entwicklungen der medizinischen Ethik interdisziplinär zu erörtern und in die immer komplexer werdende medizinisch-ethische Diskussion in besonderer Weise auch den Beitrag der christlichen Ethik und die anthropologischen Grundeinsichten der abendländischen Tradition einzubringen. Entsprechend dem Untertitel der Zeitschrift sollen medizinisch-ethische Fragen aus einer umgreifenden Perspektive von Wissenschaft, Kultur und Religion behandelt werden. Angesichts der wachsenden Bedeutung ethischer Grundsatzfragen in der modernen Medizin sind fundierte fachwissenschaftliche Sachinformation und begründete ethische Urteilsfähigkeit gleichermaßen gefordert, um die Chancen und Risiken ärztlichen Handelns und medizinischen Forschens verantwortlich bestimmen zu können. In jährlich vier erscheinenden Ausgaben werden aktuelle und bleibende Fragen der medizinisch-ethischen Diskussion in interdisziplinärer Weise erörtert. Die einzelnen Hefte widmen sich dabei jeweils einem Schwerpunktthema.

The ZfmE has set itself the goal of discussing the basic questions and current developments in medical ethics in an interdisciplinary manner and to bring in a particular way the contribution of Christian ethics and the basic anthropological insights of the occidental tradition into the increasingly complex medical-ethical discussion. In accordance with the subtitle of the journal, medical-ethical questions are to be dealt with from an all-embracing perspective of science, culture and religion. In view of the growing importance of fundamental ethical questions in modern medicine, well-founded scientific factual information and well-founded ethical judgment are equally required in order to be able to responsibly determine the opportunities and risks of medical action and medical research. In four issues published annually, current and enduring questions of the medical-ethical discussion are discussed in an interdisciplinary manner. The individual issues are each devoted to a main topic.

Volumes 1–38 (1955–1992) of Zeitschrift für Medizinische Ethik have been published as Arzt und Christ (AUCH).
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