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This collection of essays intends to give an overview over new work on determinism in physics and biology. What is controversial in this area is not much the concept of determinism but rather the question whether certain theories ought to be qualified as deterministic or indeterministic. Thus most of the contributors focus on particular theories in physics or biology. Thomas Breuer concerns himself with recent developments in quantum mechanics. Claus Kiefer discusses the implications of various theories of gravitation for the concept of determinism. Bruno Eckhardt’s paper deals with classical and quantum chaos. Andreas Bartels investigates to what extent the determination relation between parts and wholes in physics supports materialism. The papers by Bruce Glymour, Roberta Millstein, Frédéric Bouchard and Alex Rosenberg concern the interpretation of the statistical aspects of evolutionary theory. Finally Ansgar Beckermann deals with the issue of free will. He argues that a biological determinism would not rule out the possibility of human freedom