Our Program


Nomen est omen: mentis is an academic publishing house specializing in Philosophy and Philology.

A main focus of the program is the Philosophy of Mind and the Philosophy of Linguistics in a tradition of Analytical Philosophy. Our program aims to connect philosophy with the empirical sciences and reflects the interdisciplinary discussions that philosophers have with neuroscientists and linguists: How are language and the world connected? How does the mental self-reference to material things work? Where is the "location" of our consciousness? Can mental states be described purely naturalistically? What is knowledge?

Topics and book series

We try to build a bridge between "Continental" and "Transatlantic" Philosophy: In our program you will find translations by renowned American authors, and the international, bilingual discussion forum Philosophiegeschichte und logische Analyse | Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy combines articles in which classical philosophical texts are reconstructed with the means of modern logical analysis.

The book series nachGedacht – Moderne Klassiker presents outstanding authors of the second half of the 20th century from the fields of Philosophy and Cognitive Science. The books in the series Explicatio apply the philosophical thoroughness of Analytical Philosophy of Linguistics to central literary-scientific questions. The books in the Poetogenesis series examine the biological and anthropological foundations of literature and art.

Urgent contemporary questions of Applied Ethics are addressed in our books on Biomedical Ethics (xenotransplantation, gene patenting, human genetics, etc.) and on Political Ethics (humanitarian interventions, terrorism, etc.). Textbooks on Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Nature and Genus Theory complete the program of mentis.