mentis History


Foundation of the Publishing House

1998: Analytical Philosophy gains more and more relevance in Germany; following the Decade of the Brain in the USA, the Philosophy of Mind develops at a rapid pace. Philosophical ethics differentiates itself in an interdisciplinary exchange into different area ethics. Giving these developments and a young authorship a home in publishing is the motivation for Dr. Michael Kienecker and Saskia Thiele to found a publishing house specializing in the humanities. On October 1, 1998 mentis starts in Paderborn and presents in its first list of novelties 20 books from the Philosophy of Mind, Ethics and Analytical Literature. From now on about 40 new publications are added every year. The titles from Philosophy of Mind and the "classical" areas of Analytical Philosophy - Philosophy of Language, Logic, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science - are joined by books on Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Theory of Action, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law and Philosophy of Art. The Literary section of the program also continues to differentiate itself: In addition to Literary and Lyrical Theory, books on Computer Philology and Biopoetics are added.

Expansion of the Program in Münster

In 2012 the publishing house moves its headquarters to Münster. At the local university, the subject of Philosophy is represented in an excellent and multi-faceted way. In close cooperation with authors from Münster, the expansion of the program is being further developed. Just as important to the publishing team as the innovative content of the books is their careful supervision and a high-quality, modern book design.

Internationalization with Brill Deutschland GmbH

In January 2018, mentis joins the humanities publishers Ferdinand Schöningh and Wilhelm Fink, which are integrated in Brill Deutschland GmbH. mentis thus gains important new sales opportunities under the keywords "internationalization" and "digitalization". Since then, the company headquarters is back in Paderborn: mentis „goes back to the roots“, looking ahead. Since March 1, 2021, the renowned Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht Verlage have also joined Brill. Together with mentis, Ferdinand Schöningh, and Wilhelm Fink they now form Brill Deutschland GmbH.