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Author: Peter Koepke

1 √ 2 is irrational. Proof 1 Assume √ 2 is rational. 2 Assume that √ 2= ab , and that 3 a is even implies that b is odd. 4 2= ab · a b = a·a b·b . 5 2 ·b ·b= a ·a. 6 Case 1. Assume a is odd. 7 2 ·b ·b is even. 8 a ·a is even. 9 a ·a is odd. 10 Contradiction. 11 Thus 12 a is odd implies a

In: Logik, Begriffe, Prinzipien des Handelns

Inescapable Moral Wrongdoing, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Grim, Patrick (2004), »What is a Contradiction?«, in: Priest/Bealll Armour- Garb (2004), 49-72. Haldane, John/Wright, Crispin (1993), (Hg.), Reality, Representation, and Pro- jection, Oxford: Oxford U niversity Press. HaIe, Bob (1993), »Can

In: Moralische Dilemmata als wahre Widersprüche
Author: Jasper Doomen

sciences which are not reliable as such: "Just as everything without religion, science has neither religious reliability nor reliability as such." (Brouwer (1908), p.152). Brouwer examines the syllogism, the principle of contradiction 2 and the prin- ciple of excluded middle. The syllogism and the

In: Focus: Philosophy of Mind/Schwerpunkt: Philosophie des Geistes
Author: Matthias Warkus

POIDEVIN: Change, Cause and Contradiction. A Defence of the Tenseless Theory of Time, Basingstoke und London: Macmil- lan, 1991 (Macmillan Studies in Contemporary Philosophy). CPll2 Charles Sanders PEIRCE: Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce, Bd. I und II: Principles of Philosophy and Elements of

In: Veränderung in Zeichen
Author: Elene Ladaria

debates about their ultimate legitimacy, as well as about the practical priorities that could be deduced from them. Here I will touch upon two contradictions which burden human rights. The first one concerns the claims arisen by human rights, whereas the second one is the one which dwells between two of

In: Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde im kulturellen Kontext
Author: Sven Rosenkranz

University Press. Priest, Graham [1987]: In Contradiction – A Study of the Transconsistent, The Hague: Martinus Nijhoff. Priest, Graham [2002]: Beyond the Limits of Thought , 2nd edition, Oxford: Oxford Uni- versity Press. Putnam, Hilary [1975]: ‘The Meaning of ‘Meaning’ ’, Minnesota Studies in the

In: The Agnostic Stance
Author: Joachim Bromand

promovierte er an der University of London. Nach Professuren in Australien und Schottland ist er seit 2009 Professor an der City Uni- versity of New York. Veröffentlichungen (Auswahl): Beyond the Limits of Thought (Oxford University Press 22002), In Contradiction (Oxford Univer- sity Press 22006

In: Wittgenstein und die Philosophie der Mathematik
Author: Jan Goerke

), S. 9-23. Priest (2004): Graham Priest,JC Beall & Bradley Armour-Garb (Hrsg.), The Law of Non-Contradiction (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004). Priest {2006a): Graham Priest, In Contradiction {2nd ed.) (Oxford: Oxford Uni- versity Press, 2006). Priest (2006b): Graham Priest, Doubt Truth to

In: Transparente Wahrheit
Author: Matthias Warkus

, Berlin: Akademie, 2011 (Actus et Imago 2), S. 93-114. LACEY, Hugh: Rez. zu Robin Le Poidevin: Change, Cause and Contradiction, in: Mind, New Series 101.403 Quli 1992), S. 573-576, URL: http:/ I mind. (besucht am 13.9.2013). Literatur 245 LE POIDEVIN

In: Veränderung in Zeichen
Author: Joachim Bromand

. Goldman, A. I. (1979) „What is justiWed belief?“, in: Pappas (1979), S. 1–23. Wiederabge- druckt in: Sosa & Kim (2000), S. 340–353. Goldstein, Laurence (2004) „The Barber, Russell’s Paradox, Catch-22, God and More: A Defence of a Wittgensteinian Conception of Contradiction“, in: Priest, Beall

In: Grenzen des Wissens