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Author: Elene Ladaria

debates about their ultimate legitimacy, as well as about the practical priorities that could be deduced from them. Here I will touch upon two contradictions which burden human rights. The first one concerns the claims arisen by human rights, whereas the second one is the one which dwells between two of

In: Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde im kulturellen Kontext
Author: Georg Meggle

everybody has a reason to believe the logical consequences of what (s)he factually believes and to believe no contradictions in particular, we can read B*(X,p) also as: Given what X factually believes, X is having good (sufficiently strong) reasons to believe that p. 1.2 AD KNOWLEDGE: So much

In: Analytische Explikationen & Interventionen
Author: Nina Janich

, to show, to indicate, to support the hypothesis that, to be not in contradiction to, to have the strong feeling that ), außerdem modale Ausdrücke (z.B. could, probably, evidently, inconceivable, possibly, beyond any doubt ) sowie temporale (z.B. the present results/study; is, was, has been proven

In: Wissenschaftsreflexion
Author: Ludwig Siep

standpoint and with any coherent concept of right independent of divine and human grace. However, although these arguments can be worked out in more detail, the opposing position hardly contains a logical contradiction. And sometimes they openly challenge civilized emotions or fellow feelings with

In: Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde im kulturellen Kontext
Author: Nino Rodonaia

, Marxist-Leninists and Stalinists are in contradiction with Kant’s moral philosophy. The categorical imperative of Kant states that »So act that you use humanity, in your own person as well as in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means«. 30 According to the

In: Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde im kulturellen Kontext

here at 10am today will be 158C; our observation says it is 208C. If the temperature could be both 158C and 208C, there would be no refutation here. To put it formally: there is no logical contradiction between ‘T ¼ 158C’ and ‘T ¼ 208C’, until we also put in the principle of single value, which gives

In: Wissenschaftsreflexion

. 43 Weder die Gültigkeit des Tertium non datur noch des aristotelischen Satzes vom verbotenen Widerspruch werden allgemein akzeptiert; vgl.: G. Priest – What is so bad about contradictions?, in: Journal of Philosophy 1995 (1998), S. 410-426; Ders. – In contradiction. A Study of the Transconsistent

In: Die praktische Notwendigkeit des Guten
Author: Asher Jiang

manche Gegenteile von intuitiven Wahrheiten zu Absurditäten befördert werden. Zwei Stellen, an denen Hume weitere diesbezügliche Beispiele liefert, dürften aufschlussreich sein: If therefore any finite extension be infinitely divisible, it can be no contradiction to suppose, that a finite extension

In: Vom Phänomenalen zum Gedanklichen

cases and general considerations. Through this process of revision and mutual adjustment of each of these elements, an acceptable coherence – equilibrium – among them is reached. It is important to note that an acceptable coherence does not just mean that there is no contradiction between statements

In: Menschenrechte und Menschenwürde im kulturellen Kontext

Contradictions of Rent-financed Development , Maghreb Review 14 ( 3/4 ) 1989 , S. 226 – 248 H. Elsenhans , Problems Central to Economic Policy Deregulation in Bangladesh , Internationales Asienforum 22 ( 3/4 ) 1991 , S. 259 – 286 H. Elsenhans , Rent, State and the Market

In: Migration: Globale Bewegungsfreiheit oder nationale Grenzen?