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to re-examine the course of the investigation and its conclusion so far. First, I will deal with a number of considerations that might be taken to imply that the whole project has been misguided from the very beginning (chapter 9). 144 Given that I will conclude that none of these considerations is

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Kantian type does not require a strict dualism between animals and humans. It investigates the conditions of possibility of mental activities that humans are capable of, not whether chimpanzees or early hominids also possess these faculties. But it also does not rule this possibility out. The absence of

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Unterfangen? Severin Schroeder bejaht diese Frage: [The Philosophical Investigation ’s] thrust is entirely negative, aimed at nothing more and nothing less than a demonstration that philosophical doctrine is invariably the result of linguistic confusion (PI §119), which needs to be cleared up and removed

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Imaginationsbegriff diffuser. Ein Bereich, in dem dies besonders auffällt, ist der Diskurs über wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse. Exemplarisch dafür werden zunächst einige Auszüge eines populärwissenschaftlichen Werks angeführt: John Beveridges The Art of Scientific Investigation . 278 Im Anschluss daran soll ein

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zunehmend um eine Integration photochemischer Methoden und Konzepte. 57 Einer davon war der frisch promovierte Zoologe Selig Hecht, der aus der Verbindung beider Felder ein Forschungsprogramm entwickelte, das ihn seine ganze akademische Karriere lang beschäftigte. »Few investigators have ever become such

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nämlich beispielsweise die folgende Behauptung: »In the case studies that I investigate in [chapter 8], we will consistently find an absence of all of F1-F3«. 51 Und um zu einer solchen Behauptung berechtigt zu sein, müsste Cappelen natürlich auch eine Berufung auf F3 (und auf die anderen Merkmale

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: Another plausible assumption is that when we apply the same word to a range of different things, there must be something that they, and only they, have in common, in virtue of which that word is applicable. This idea, according to Wittgenstein, ‘has shackled philosophical investigation’, leading

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panentheism is often treated as the grandparent whose leadership of the family has been surpassed by younger generations. Thankfully, this paper has no interest in defending Process theology, nor holding Process panentheism up as the exemplary for panentheists more widely. Instead, this paper investigates if

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tell us what is good or bad about an existent state of affairs and for what reason. Only thought can do that. And though Socrates admits that his definition of the right constitution of city and soul have not been acquired by the ‘longer and philosophically more appropriate way’, his investigation

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commentators in promoting a certain metaphysical view lasting at least until Thomas Aquinas. 2 This paper therefore adds a tile to the reconstruction of the history of the metaphysics of artefacts. There are not only historical reasons for investigating this topic but also philosophical ones. A focus on the

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