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commentators in promoting a certain metaphysical view lasting at least until Thomas Aquinas. 2 This paper therefore adds a tile to the reconstruction of the history of the metaphysics of artefacts. There are not only historical reasons for investigating this topic but also philosophical ones. A focus on the

In: History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis
Author: Martin Böhnert

investigated chimpanzees’ abilities to collaborate in experimental settings. 254 Die zweite Passage ist einem Artikel der Zeitschrift Behavioral and Brain Sciences entnommen, bei dem es sich um einen Leitartikel zu kollektiver Intentionalität handelt – hier unter dem Begriff »shared intentionality

In: Methodologische Signaturen

the major positions concerning the ethics of killing animals. Almost needless to say, a proper investigation of our moral obligations towards animals cannot be done without mentioning two names, that is, Peter Singer and Tom Regan. Since its development in the 1970s, modern animal ethics has moved

In: Planning for the Future
Author: Benedikt Fait

wir bei Reiss (2012): 397 In a Galilean thought experiment, an experimental situation is contemplated after mentally removing ‘disturbing factors’ – factors different from the main cause under investigation, which nevertheless affect the outcome. To discover an instance of the law of falling

In: Kausalerklärungen in der Ökonomik
Author: Martin Böhnert

hervortue und als »a positive evil insofar as its influence tended to retard scientific investigation of the behavior of the higher animals« 639 betrachtet wird. Letztlich erfasst Warden die Bewegung als zwar ambitioniert, aber harmlos, da deren Forschungsbeiträge »relatively insignificant« 640 gewesen

In: Methodologische Signaturen

dieser Situation drei Annahmen an, die ich folgend als Minimalannahmen wissenschaftlicher Realisten auffassen werde: Metaphysically, realism is committed to the mind-independent existence of the world [Realität, MO] investigated by the sciences. […] Semantically, realism is committed to a literal

In: Wissenschaftsreflexion
Author: Peter Rohs

, secondly, the superficial regularities to which we are accustomed come sufficiently close to providing maximal information. If we are disappointed with the results, we must investigate the issue more precisely, i.e., we must attempt to come closer to the actual regularities. The problem of modal force

In: Mind and the Present
Author: Peter Rohs

The second task of an anti-naturalistic metaphysics, as mentioned previously, is to show that mental processes could be causally relevant in the domain of the physical without contradicting physical laws. Since free actions require undoubtedly mental effect, this question can be investigated in

In: Mind and the Present
Author: Scarlet Siebert

69 ( 7–8 ): 539 – 550 . . Bernstein , Debra , and Kevin Crowley ( 2008 ) “ Searching for Signs of Intelligent Life: An Investigation of Young Children’s Beliefs about Robot Intelligence .” Journal of the Learning Sciences 17 ( 2 ): 225

In: Artificial Intelligence
Author: Inga Bones

reflection and theory construction, often bound up with and reinforced by a network of metaphors or similes. A paradigm of a philosophical picture in this sense is the Augustinian conception of language as sketched by Wittgenstein in the opening paragraphs of his Philosophical Investigations . The

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