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Author: Giulio Sciacca

variations. However, more and more philosophers have become sceptical about the thesis, since, for example, more refined notions of natural kinds have been developed, or the notion of biological individual has been investigated more adequately in recent times. Anyway, many of them still see something true in

In: History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis

, growing interest in social cognition has led researchers to investigate new questions related to attribution of thoughts to others. Social cognition refers to the mental operations that underlie social interactions, including perceiving, interpreting and generating responses to intentions, disposition and

In: Artificial Intelligence
Author: Nicolas Lindner

those cases that are investigated in order to understand socio-cognitive development. Bratman’s shared intention, so he argues, is overly sophisticated, as these cases do not involve structuring bargaining and coordinating planning. In a second step, Butterfill presents potential states that could

In: Acting together
Author: Cyrill Mamin

investigating actual-world objects; they construct expensive equipment to perform their investigations. If the job could be done as well by consulting intuitions about imaginary examples, why bother with all this expensive equipment and labor-intensive experiments? Evidently, unless philosophers are either

In: Intuition und Erkenntnis

years. This activity is closely connected to an upsurge in state funding of research programs that investigate opportunities for the everyday use of robots. The EU launched the robotics promotion program “SPARC” with a volume of over €700mio in 2014. The “National Robotics Initiative” in the US will

In: Artificial Intelligence
Author: Nicolas Lindner

such as language development and cultural creation. Secondly, the thesis fits well into many accounts of (socio-) cognitive development in psychology and adds a new layer to its explanation. Hence, it seems worthwhile to consider this proposal and investigate its philosophical underpinnings. The most

In: Acting together
Author: Anke Beger

actual cross-domain mapping on part of the discourse participants (ibid.). Since in Steen’s model, important communicative functions are reserved for deliberate metaphors, these seem to be particularly important when investigating the role of metaphor in the communication of knowledge in academic

In: Metaphernforschung in interdisziplinären und interdiskursiven Perspektiven
Author: Nina Janich

« Unsicherheit (Glauben und Meinen) in wissenschaftlichen Texten – nicht überraschend – kaum eine Rolle. Stattdessen dominiert die »investigative« Unsicherheit (mit häufigen Schlüsselwörtern wie investigate, examine und study ). Interessant sind dabei die trotzdem vorhandenen wissenschaftsinternen

In: Wissenschaftsreflexion
Author: Peter Rohs

that exists is fundamentally describable and explainable in the categories of the natural sciences. It is, however, a “stagnating and degenerative research program”; for this reason, it is appropriate to investigate the metaphysical rivals in earnest once again, namely dualism and idealism. This book

In: Mind and the Present
Author: Sibylle Moser

explorative sample that provides first hints of what could be the focus of analysis when empirically investigating multimedia text reception. For we just vaguely begin to understand the complex nature of multisensory perception and text comprehension, the multi-faceted cognitive and emotional processes, that

In: Metaphernforschung in interdisziplinären und interdiskursiven Perspektiven