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reports of the press about Russia mainly as lies; and it was only when, after the second war, he saw the Russians in Vienna, that he be- came disillusioned.1) 1) This came out clearly in the last conversation I had with him some time about 1948. As the episode is rather character- ristic, it may be told

In: Friedrich August von Hayek’s Draft Biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein

modifying the components of SPH in the previous section and putting the clause "For a hedonist" in front of them. Component (1), for example, would read: (1) For a hedonist, every episode of pleasure is intrinsi- cally good; every episode of pain is intrinsically bad. If we modify (1)-(5) in this way

In: Radical Life Extension

baboon society. Revolutionary in fact, for any animal society as yet described. The implications were breathtaking“ (158). Der stolzen Aussage folgt sogleich der wissenschaftliche Realitätsabgleich: „Such statements were provocative and would be challenged“ (158). Doch auf das Ausmaß der Ablehnung war

In: Scheitern in den Wissenschaften

the Generation of that great Leviathan […]. For by this Authoritie, given him by every particular man in the Common-Wealth, he hath the use of so much Power and Strength conferred on him, that by terror thereof, he is inabled to forme the wills of them all, to Peace at home, and mutuall ayd against

In: Die Rationalität der Moral

possess them. Such are knowledge, good sense, wit, humour, cheerfulness, good taste, excellence in any of the fine arts, in eloquence, in dramatic action; and we may add, excellence in every art of peace or war that is useful in society. 202 Burke und Reid beschreiben somit beide eine Gruppe von

In: Menschliche Schönheit