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Author: Marc A. Moffett

Language, Communication, and the Paradox of Analysis: Some Philosophical Remarks on Plato’s Cratylus * Marc A. Moffett, The University of Wyoming Auf den ersten Blick hat Platons Dialog Kratylos einen klaren und im engeren Sinn linguistischen Gegenstand, nämlich die Debatte zwischen

In: History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis
Author: Peter Rohs

theory of conventions by David Lewis can be naturally added to it. Conventions concern the coordination of interest-led individual actions, which this semantics also takes as its starting point. That natural languages are conventional has been an established doctrine since Plato’s Cratylus . Lewis

In: Mind and the Present

Posterior Analytics. Oxford: Clarendon. Ross, W. D. 1953. Aristotle. London: Methuen. Sedley, D. 2003. Plato’s Cratylus. Cambridge: Cambridge UP. Sedley, D. 2006. The Midwife of Platonism: Text and Subtext in Plato’s Theaetetus. Oxford: Oxford UP. Sorabji, R. 1983. Time, Creation, and the Continuum

In: History of Philosophy & Logical Analysis